Nadine Sleiman, born 1997 in Muenster is a designer & photographer. In 2022 she graduated from Muenster School of Design with a bachelor's degree in Design. She also studied as a guest student at the FH Dortmund (2020 and 2021) and at the FH Niederrhein (2020) in Photography and Communication Design. 
As a designer, her interests are particularly in communication design, especially editorial and poster design, exhibition design, brand design, typography and campaigns – print and digital. As a photographer she works mainly in documentary, marketing and portrait photography. 
2018–2022 Muenster School of Design
   2020 Guest Student, FH Niederrhein: Design
   2020 Guest Student, FH Dortmund: Photography
   2021 Guest Student, FH Dortmund: Design
since 2021 Freelancer Design & Photography
2022–2023 Exhibition Design Dr. Ulrich Hermanns Ausstellung Medien Transfer
since 2023 Communication Designtextilwerk

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